A modern man is in constant search of natural products that do good and have quality that one can trust.
TM MYASNA VESNA brand is produced to meet and exceed all customer expectations.
High quality, naturality and environmentally friendly approach in manufacture of the brand's products take into account all consumer requirements to manufacturing and palatability of meat and sausage products.
TM MYASNA VESNA is an environmentally friendly brand that combines more than 100 products from semifinished meat as well as finished meat and sausage products.
Advantages of TM MYASNA VESNA products


Semifinished and finished meat and sausage products do not contain any genetically modified organisms and synthetic food additives.



The quality of product manufacture under TM MYASNA VESNA brand is controlled at all stages: from production of natural complete feed for animals, monitoring of sanitary and veterinary conditions of animals during the growth period, to the production process at the up-to-date high-tech meat processing and packing plant.

Products are developed using the latest technologies and taking care about the customer


TM MYASNA VESNA was recognized as one of the most popular brands in Ukraine (rating of Focus Magazine, October 2013) that brought together, under its name, not only chilled meat and cooking by-products, but also products from the category of finished meat and sausages.

TM MYASNA VESNA is fresh meat and sausages!



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