MYASNA VESNA Trade House offers to its consumers the exclusive range of products from APK-INVEST PRIVATE JOINT-STOCK COMPANY, the leader of Ukraine’s meat processing industry. The whole new culture of meat and meat product sales underlies the operation of the branded retail chain. The MYASNA VESNA stores operate according to the uniform standard established by the retail chain’s philosophy – ‘the city’s meat centres’.

Regardless of their location, the MYASNA VESNA stores always offer fresh products, comfortable prices, precise weight, ideal cleanliness and friendly atmosphere for their customers.


As the MYASNA VESNA retail chain is gaining more popularity, it is becoming an efficient customer feedback tool. Telephone hotline enables the company to analyze the customers’ preferences and respond promptly to changes in the customers’ demand.

The MYASNA VESNA trademark retail chain of APK-INVEST comprises more than 100 stores and more than one hundred varieties of the MYASNA VESNA semi-finished chilled pork products, as well as finished meat and sausage products of various price categories from Kolbaspischeprom, Stavros and Myasno trademarks.

Myasna Vesna Hotline