One of priority directions of APK-INVEST’s activity is environmental protection. The company pursues the transparent policy in ecological sphere and expresses the desire to keep the open dialog with community, public organizations, state authorities, representatives of mass media on issues, related to ecological aspects of production activity, and to take measures to improve the ecological situation in those districts, where APK-INVEST runs its business.

The management of APK-INVEST considers the activity in environmental protection as an integral part of business. It tries to make its contribution into stable development of Donetsk region by following to requirements of environmental legislation, sustainable use of natural resources, and improvement of activity in nature preservation.

Within the tasks to minimize the effect on environment, APK-INVEST takes a number of measures that allow reducing the contamination level, decreasing the volumes for formation of production wastes, and thus, significantly bringing down the ecological load in the districts, where the main production assets of the company are located. For this purpose APK-INVEST performs the regular control for conditions of ambient air, soils.

Every quarter Donetsk regional sanitary epidemiological station holds the surveys for concentration of chemical substances in ambient air at stockbreeding complexes of the company. Thus, the concentration of nitrogen dioxide, sulfurous anhydride, phenol is by 10 times less than the pollution standard. At the same time the content of such harmful chemical substances as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in ambient air has not been observed due to results from surveys, held by Donetsk regional sanitary epidemiological station.

Donetsk research station at National scientific center “A.N. Sokolovskyy Institute of soil science and agricultural chemistry” regularly performs the agricultural chemical analysis, tracks the characteristics of soils – pH, available nutrients and content of organic substance.

Thus, the modern approach to agriculture in commercial volumes allows APK-INVEST not only following to ecological standards of Ukraine and European Union but every year confirming the certification of safety for all sectors in manufacture of products.

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