APK-INVEST's own production of mixed feed allows the company to achieve the optimal balance in its mixed feed for the efficient breeding and fattening of animals.

The feed mill, with the capacity of 200 thousand tonnes of mixed feed per year, is one of the most advanced mixed feed plants in the country. The human factor inherent in the production is minimized by the complete computerization of all technological processes. The construction and arrangement of the feed mill’s production line were carried out in partnership with the leading specialists in the mixed feed industry, such as Buhler (Switzerland) and Cimbria (Denmark).

The investments into mixed feed production have totalled UAH 278 million.


APK-INVEST's elevator group, which helps the company to maintain its grain quality and minimize the weight losses, is located at the feed mill’s premises. The total capacity of certified granaries is over 90 thousand tonnes.

Business structure